Medical Weight Management

A Scientific Approach To Weight Loss

We are experts in using the latest technology and medical research to create a personally tailored medical program to help patients reach their optimal goals. We have an extensive understanding of the natural aging process and skill in optimizing the underlying biochemical and hormonal processes that lead to premature aging and the debility that comes with it.

Our team develops a personalized medical weight-loss program, which works to achieve your goals as quickly and aggressively as possible.

The tools that we use to help you manage your weight are very different from what you find with commercial programs. First, we use your metabolism and body composition (mainly fat percentage) as true indicators of weight loss progress. Second, we can prescribe safe, customized nutrition and exercise programs that are specifically designed to help you lose weight while breaking the cycle of food addiction. Finally, we have the ability to view your weight loss and maintenance within the context of your total health profile. If you have a condition that requires medication that may be interfering with your weight loss efforts, our physicans can consult with your primary care physician to prescribe a safe, effective alternative to lift those barriers.

Here’s what you can expect on your first visit. It’s just a few easy steps to your personalized weight loss plan:

Your Medical History: Your visit starts with a review of your medical history, including any prescription or over-the-counter medication you may be taking. It’s very important for our physicans to understand your overall health when designing your personalized plan.

Body Composition Analysis: We use the Gold Standard in the medical and fitness industries for body composition and bone density analysis. Additional exercise tests along with a physical by the physician will be conducted as well. The results are used to establish a baseline of our patient’s health and track their progress, as they reach and exceed their goals.

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