Why Medical Weight Management & Physicians Weight Loss is the Most Effective Weight Loss Strategy.

Physicians weight loss and medical weight management has become the latest and most effective way to lose weight, Wellness On Wall uses the latest in scientific and medical technology to acheive amazing results!

Medical weight management is also known as physician’s weightloss and it’s probably the most effective weight loss strategy around. This type of weight loss program provides a patient-centered approach to assessing and treating patients who are obese. Since a licensed physician (or a team of doctors and dieticians) will supervise this type of therapy, a patient will access a much higher standard of personalized care than he or she would via a conventional diet plan.

For this reason, any person who is experiencing adverse health and/or health risks due to obesity will benefit from learning more about the advantages of physicians weightloss or medical weight management.

Our comprehensive guide is designed to help men and women decide whether or not medical weight management is right for their needs…

First, let’s talk about which sort of patients are admitted to medical weight management programs. There are fairly strict parameters, so this information is important.

Who Qualifies for This Type of Program?

Typically, only those who are referred by physicians will qualify for medical weight management programs. Physicians will refer candidates based on assessments of their overall health. If patients are significantly overweight (obese) and their physical or mental health is negatively impacted by their obesity, they may be able to access this type of referral.

With this type of program, life-long weight management is the ultimate goal. This is in marked contrast to crash diets (fad diets), which often wreak havoc with the body’s resting metabolic rate. Crash diets often work for a while – however, those who follow crash diets tend to gain the weight back later. They may even gain extra weight, as their metabolisms have been impaired by the severity of their crash diets. In addition, crash diets don’t take the psychological elements of food addiction into account whereas our medical weight management program will.

Many people feel powerless to stop overeating. This is generally because they use food to medicate or comfort themselves. There is often a strong psychological component to the reasons why people eat too much. This is why it’s so important to find a program that helps to address these psychological issues. At Wellness On Wall our medical weight management program will do so.

As you can see, there is a better way to lose weight and keep it off. While medical weight management isn’t right for everyone, it will be right for you if you are overweight. Medical weight management is a safer and healthier way to achieve a goal weight and to improve obesity-related health problems. Losing weight via this type of program will also allow you to decrease obesity-related health risks in the future.

There are a myriad benefits of these programs. In some cases, they may actually save lives.

How the Program Begins

Once a referral from a family physician is obtained, a patient will typically undergo an assessment which is conducted by members of the Wellness On Walls program’s medical weight management team. One of our certified doctors and a dietitian will step in and begin to assess the health, habits and background of a patient.

Some patients will have complex requirements, due to diabetes or other health issues. Any special requirements will be taken into account during the assessment process. Specialists may be brought into the team if the patient does have complex medical needs.

Our team will create a customized weightloss plan for the patient. The diagnostic team will continue to work with the patient throughout his or her treatment.

Different programs have different methods of assessing patients, creating diet plans and monitoring patients. Most programs consider the BMI (Body Mass Index) of patients, as well as their overall body weight. During assessment, a formal level of obesity will be determined. As well, the psychological state of the patient will be taken into account. For this reason, medical weight management supports mind, body and spirit.

Most diets do not provide this level of personalized care. In this sense, physician’s weightloss programs are very unique. Patients will always have “a voice” throughout their assessments and treatments. They may explore underlying causes of weight gain with our medical team, as well as any obstacles which impede weight loss progress. For example, a patient will be able to talk about issues with food, body image and any other related topics. This becomes quite empowering to the patient, as it provides the patient with welcome support from people who are caring, experienced and qualified to help!

Many patients who are admitted to these programs develop important knowledge which helps them with losing weight and maintaining their lower weights over the long term. For example, they may learn how to push through psychological barriers to weightloss, how to eat correctly (portion control, ingredients) and how to add exercise to their daily routines. This whole-body, holistic approach to helping obese patients is usually very successful.

Obesity Is Bad for Your Health

At present, almost three-quarters of all Americans weigh more than they should. When weight levels rise above the norm, the risk of developing certain diseases also increases exponentially. For example, people who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop high blood pressure, certain forms of cancer, coronary heart disease and sleep disorders.

Our physicians are committed to helping patients lead longer and happier lives via the delivery of medical weight management services. Just as doctors help patients to quit smoking or lower their blood pressure levels, they assist patients with losing weight. Since our doctors bring years (and sometimes decades!) of experience and education to the table, they offer the kind of support that just isn’t available via other types of diet programs.

When you choose physician’s weightloss, you’ll undergo a comprehensive evaluation and you’ll access medical monitoring. Your health will be your doctor’s first priority.

With this kind of support at your side, you’ll find that losing weight is much easier. You won’t be going it alone. As well, you’ll access weightloss advice that is truly good for your body, mind and spirit.

Talk To One Of Our Physicans Today

If you think that you might be a candidate for a medical weight management program, talk to one of our doctors about it today. We will be able to assess your suitability and if you are a candidate, our physicians will be able to start your journey towards an amazing and effective weight loss program.

With this type of program, you’ll need to be an active participant. You’ll have to express your thoughts and opinions, open up about your struggles with weightloss and follow the instructions that you’re given. If you think that you have the drive and determination to change your body for the better, via this sort of program, it’s time to find out whether or not you qualify.

Patients often describe medical weight management programs as “life-changing”. They love the way that their bodies look after weightloss and they also feel better on the inside. As well, they are able to put aside a lot of fears about obesity-related health risks.

Life is too short to be unhappy with your body. No matter why you’re overweight, you need to know that Wellness On Wall is here to help! When you choose WOW's physician’s weight loss program, our medical team will work on your behalf in order to support your weightloss goals both safe and effectively.

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